Swiper Stopper - Gold Glitz


The Swiper Stopper by Tech Candy is a great way to practice digit defense against credit card theft! Simply store your credit cards in these durable sleeves lined with thin sheets of metal which serve as a barrier against radio chatter.

How it works:

  • RFID chips utilize “radio frequency identification” and are often found in many of today’s credit cards. Credit cards that contain RFID chips allow you to tap your card to pay at a store, rather than inserting or swiping your card into a reader, through radio waves emitted by your card.
  • Skimming is the practice of intercepting credit card information by using a reader to steal it. (Imagine standing in public and unknowingly having your digits lifted by someone standing near you while you are in line.)
  • Use the Swiper Stopper to protect your cards against skimming! The metal lining in the cute & durable sleeves blocks your card from potential theft by potentially harmful radio chatter. 

Materials: Paperboard + Aluminum.

Available in 2 gold styles, each sold as a set of 4 sleeves. (2 of each gold glitz style per pack)


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