Stay Well-Kept Screen Cleaning Towelettes


Keep your hands and surfaces tidy to reduce smudges and promote a healthier lifestyle. Studies show your phone may be dirtier than a toilet handle. This could cause cross-contamination and lead to a skin infection - no thank you!! 

Each fashionably designed Well-Kept tech wipe pack contains 15 pre-moistened towelettes. The solution - specifically produced for electronics and lenses - is made out of water, isopropyl alcohol, and butoxyethanol.

These tech wipes are perfect for cleaning anything with glass!

    • cell phones
    • tablets
    • computers
    • eyeglasses
    • e-readers
    • touch screens

    This product not only has cute packaging, but also makes a great gift and leaves no smears or streaks!

    We selected our favorite designs just for you! They all look great in your bag and make the perfect gifts for any occasion and a great party favor.

    • Buckhead
    • Hamptons
    • Garden Party
    • Lobsterfest
    • Old Glory

    For use, open lid, remove towelette, lightly wipe screen or lens with towelette and allow solution to quickly dry; reseal package to better secure moisture and discard used towelette and empty packaging in trash. Please keep out of reach of children, do not flush, avoid eye contact, and do not use for personal hygiene. 

    This product was made in an environmentally friendly facility in the USA.


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