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With the Power Trip Outlet & USB Port Travel Charging Station by Tech Candy, you’ll really go places. A universal outlet with 4 USB ports nestled together in one compact travel charging station, this tech accessory is the perfect co-pilot to help charge every device at home and abroad.

Fast Facts:

  • 4 USB 2.0 Smart Chip ports & 1 copper 3-prong universal outlet
  • Strong enough to handle 5 devices at once
  • When you plug into the USB port, the Power Trip senses your specific device & delivers the right amount of power, charging it as fast as possible
  • Voltage protection to ensure a stable current of electricity to your electronic gadgets
  • Heavy-duty, 5-foot-long cord

WHEN USING OVERSEAS: You can use the Power Trip to travel outside the US. Provide an adapter for use at the wall, and plug only dual-voltage devices into the Power Trip.

WHEN USING IN THE US: You can use the Power Trip in the US & you can plug in either a US-shaped plug end (standard 110V plug end we all know & love) or a European-shaped plug end (the large, 220V two-pronged plug end that looks so strange to us here in the US) into the Power Trip outlet safely. You do not need a power converter at the US wall outlet.

Tech specs: USB PORTS (4): Input: 110–250V, 50–60Hz, 6A. Output: 5V, 2.4A, total 4.2A. POWER OUTLET (1):  Input: 110–260V, 50–60Hz. Max power: 500W.

Materials: ABS + Electronic Components.

Product weight & dimensions: 6 oz, 5.25 x 2 x 1.75" out of packaging. 8 oz, 7.25 x 3 x 1.75" in packaging.


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