Cleansing Wash


Clean up your shower routine!

This Cleansing Wash by LOLA is a gynecologist-approved and hypoallergenic wash specifically formulated for your delicate vulvar skin with clean ingredients that help to maintain a healthy pH balance to keep you feeling your freshest every day. Because, if you’re using it there, it’s gotta be clean.

This gentle wash is formulated for your vulva without synthetic fragrances, additives, and harsh chemicals to keep you feeling fresh and clean by working with your body’s natural state, not against it. Other cleansing washes include ingredients that throw off your natural pH, which can cause odor and bacteria to flourish; use this Cleansing Wash to maintain hygiene with your vulva to ensure you have a healthy balance of bacteria and pH.


  • Clean ingredients
  • Featuring grapefruit, lavender, and aloe leaf
  • Reduces odor-causing bacteria to maintain a healthy pH balance
  • Specifically formulated to protect your most sensitive parts to keep you feeling your freshest every day
  • Gynecologist-approved
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made by women, for all


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